Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You and Me

I would like to dedicate "You + Me" to my husband and my close friends that have helped me through this recent rough patch. I often wonder if artists really understand the impact of their lyrics. I thank God for Alicia / P!NK because today wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

The 4th Annual Fiesta de Kustom Kulture - part two

You should always go for a walk about in Old Town San Diego

Is this thing on???

 Courtney's Mom and Pete, I thank God they're in my life!

  Pete and D worked together on this project, and the customer was very happy with the results, as he should be :-)

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Son's Tribute

My brother Manny took it upon himself to write, and give Dad's eulogy during his Celebration Mass. He was determined to put Dad in the light he deserved, which was filled with laughter and a few tears. I asked Manny for permission to share his words and he kindly agreed. I hope everyone can leave a legacy like my father has done for each one of his children.

"Daniel Thomas Olin.  Some of us called him Babe, Daniel, Son, Brother, Dad, Grampy, Danny, Uncle Danny, Doobie or even Doofus.  There have been some great texts, emails, and postings where he has been called, Bigger than life, a cool guy, one of a kind or remarkably unforgettable.  It didn't matter what you called him because he made us all feel the same.  He handed out genuine love without demanding it in return. He truly cared about what each of us was doing in our lives and if it made us happy.  This is what made him happy.

I believe my Dad was a great man. Not great in the same manner required from a soldier, policeman, or firefighter.  But great all the same.   I remember in eighth grade I had to write a paper about someone famous who made a difference. A lot of people picked the president, people from history, or pop culture stars. I picked my Dad and titled my paper “My Dad the jack of all trades”. I wish I that paper today because writing this eulogy would have been a lot easier.....  I wrote about how he was strict but fair, protective but not smothering, and could do anything he set his mind to. I wrote about how he set an example of hard work, dedication and love.  We had to read our reports in front of the class.  When I started mine with the title most of the class laughed. I didn't care because of how my Dad made me feel and to me he was famous and made a huge difference in our lives. I went on to read the complete report and when I finished I got an awesome round of applause and an A+. I don’t share this to brag although Tom, Lisa, and Lori would beg to differ... but I share this to show you how most of us feel. It was how Dad made each of us feel that will be forever present.

One of the trades which I will call gifts he had was an ingrained work ethic. I believe he got this from his Father and his Mother, our Nana who we are very grateful could be present today. Thank you Uncle Eddie.... your brotherly love for each other was unmistakable. My Nana worked hard all her life from the time she had to collect firewood to sell as a young child in order to support her family in Madeira, Portugal... to her many hours working in the textile mills.  I remember my Dad working 12 hours a day, seven days a week, for weeks on end without complaining.  He would still find some time to hop on a skateboard, sled down the hill, take out the go carts or fix a broken bike. It showed his children that hard work is required to succeed in life and I believe that has been passed on to all of us. 

Dad was gifted with mechanical ability. He passed that on to all of us but Tom inherited the biggest share.  My sisters inherited it also because it is a trait they looked for in their spouses Duane and Markus. Two very talented individuals. My Dad seemed able to work on anything and get it fixed.  He loved working on cars from before the time he could drive.  We spent many hours handing Dad tools while he was under the car and if you handed him the wrong size... jumping out of the way when he tossed them back out.... .   My Dad worked as a Bindery operator for Courier for over thirty years. He was usually the guy who was assigned to the newest machine to work out the bugs and help get it up to speed.  I use to ride my bike to Hall St. sometimes to bring him his lunch.... or supper if he has putting in a long day. He would proudly show me all the machines that he worked on and how things flowed and operated.  I was always amazed.  
One of Dad’s greatest gifts was laughter. He loved to laugh or flash his mischievous grin but most of all he loved to make us laugh. It didn't matter if it was a wet willie, a pull my finger or a quick zinger.... Dad loved to make us laugh. He loved to be the one to make us smile.  He was happiest with visitors around him and a lot of laughter to go with them. I know all of his grand children loved getting together at Grammy’s and Grampy’s  to enjoy the food.... but most of all to watch us share old stories and laugh until our sides hurt.  Based on a lot of comments this past week his firm hand shake and his strong but gentle hugs will be missed just as much as his sense of humor.  He was a great hugger!! 

My Dad’s love for my Mom and hers for him was undeniable! It is an inspiration to all of his children.  My parents recently celebrated 50 years of marriage. It is truly a remarkable accomplishment. They made it through all the good times and bad times. They always persevered. Every night as a kid we would watch my Dad look into my Mom’s eyes and kiss her goodnight and say I love you.  It didn't matter if they had just finished an argument or had just finished a great day ...  it always ended the same. They showed us how to forgive , love, and live by their example.          

Dad I hope you are at peace and in the midst of all the loving relatives that have gone before you.  Nana and Grampy Keough, Grampy Olin and Aunt Barbara. I pray that you are looking down and are in awe at all the lives you have touched so deeply. You will be truly missed!! Bye Dad!!  We all Love you!! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Olin Lane

When I celebrated my birthday a few days ago my only wish was for Mom and Dad to get stronger and become pain free. Talking to Dad on Wednesday morning  he sounded tired but his old self. I got off the phone believing my superhero was going to kick Grim Reapers' butt and start living his life again. Only part of my wish came true, he's finally pain free. I don't hate many people but Mr.  Reaper, you're not a nice man at all.  

Two weeks ago was an absolute blur but so rewarding to watch my parents profess their love for one another. Mom and Dad constructed a street for all of their children to walk upon. We call it Olin Lane. Please take note that this street abutts a rotary of many generations of streets, roads, and avenues attached. Our forefathers raised their children with a steady income, hard work ethics and love. 

On Olin Lane  you grew up with understanding the importance of love, honor, respect,  kindness,  unselfishness, truth, and faith. Over the years,  the road has become worn from the never-ending  foot traffic from our extended family . My heart is full  to see how each one of our nieces and nephews have grown up.  Looking  into their eyes,  I know in my heart that Olin Lane will never go away. The only time you can achieve  generations of like- minded  individuals is that the leaders had to do it right from the beginning.  This inner strength we all feel at this moment has the same goal:  Making  sure we take care of Mom has Daniel T. Olin written all over it. Personally, I want to crawl in a hole but I know it won't help anyone.  So I keep telling myself that no matter how dark life gets over the next few weeks,  it will get brighter. 

To honor Dad's legacy and for the outmost  respect  for our Mother, I will continue to walk this earth as they both did. Always looking up and taking one day at a time.  Yesterday creates our memories,  be present today and focus on the tomorrow's.  I wish I could turn back time and make this pain go away for everyone and have Dad,  Danny,  son,  brother, Grampy or Doofus at our side once again. 

On my recent  trip home,  I noticed what was once the strongest man I knew had become quiet frail. His walk was slower,  his hearing had diminished but his sense of humor was ever present . I went back and forth about crashing their lovers week.  That wasn't the case at all,  I was welcomed with open arms and the tightest hugs a parent can give their child.  Lori,  Mom,  Dad and I sat at the kitchen table reminiscing  for many hours. I happened to look at Dad and said " Dad you look really tired. Go rest and I'll  be here when you get up. His face lit up and said  'No honey,  I'm just gonna sit here and stare at you for awhile. I'm so happy right now.'" 

It saddens  me when I see families torn apart for one stupid reason or another.  I look at  my family and wonder how someone would give up this type of love for spite?  I have a true sense of love from my first memory.  This has never gone away, its only strengthen me over time. A parents love doesn't end when they're children go to college,  start a family of their own,  or spread their wings and move 3000 miles away.  I always know that no matter what, my parents and siblings  would help get me through anything. 

To Tommy, Tracy, Manny, Deann,  Lori, Markus and Duane,  I thank God that you're all in my life.  Ashlee and Wayne,  my heart is full and am completely humbled of the young adults you have become. Toni,  Paulie,  Catie,  Cassie, Owen, Chloe,  Dylan,  Justin,  MacKenzie and Sydney; I might be far away but I'm  just at a text or call away. I'm honored  to be your Auntie Lisa.  

To Uncle  Rick,  Aunt Charlene,  Aunt Linda,  Uncle Alan, Aunt  Pat, Aunt Mary and my concert partner,  Auntie Deb,  thank you for loving me like one of your own children. I'm  a better persontoday because each one of you. 

To my cousins, also known as my best friends, thanks for making sandcastles on the beach, going to Ashby,  Ferndale  Acres, Maine and Lake Winnipesaukee. Those were the best days! 

To Nana and Uncle Eddie, what started out as a family of four,  has transformed into a smaller  group. But please understand that you're both surrounded by family and friends, not just today  but always and forever.

To my dearest Mother, you're not alone and will never be. It's now time for you to start focusing on you. Your siblings, children, and grandchildren will continue to make Olin Lane the best street anyone wants to live on.  

On this day, I'm  requesting a different  wish. I wish my family love and strength. Over the next few days, do something  for yourself that makes you extremely happy. I call it 'Giving it to Danny '

Much love and respect. 


Friday, September 12, 2014

What's happening hot stuff

This is a test, this is only a test........... I know I have been absent here as of late, for which I apologize. I'm surprised, also thrilled to see that I still daily visitors. For this, I thank you for being loyal and interested in my life ( as boring as i may be at times). My main reason for my absence here is that I'm extremely busy keeping ChopCult moving forward, helping Duane when I can, and am securing sponsors for the David Mann Chopper Fest. I'm currently so busy pimping everyone else out, I'm honestly too tired to take care of D's and my social media. But no more excuses, it might not be a daily post but I will guarantee a few a week.

I recently went home to New Hampshire for my parent's 50th Anniversary, yes I really typed 50. I had a great time!!! While I was there, I had a conversation with my brother Manny or Manuel, if he was in trouble. I remember hearing Manuel a lot as a child. :-) Manny is very intelligent, business smart, and well educated. He didn't really have to study and would bring home A's constantly. I, on the other hand, would study all night and fail miserably every time. Manny has grown into an awesome man, who has a beautiful family. He doesn't have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. He doesn't want it and prefers spending his time with his family and/ or chasing a little ball around 18 holes. Manny told me something last week I will never forget. He said," Lisa, I love going to your blog. I love your photos and your writing." That my friends was like getting a A+. Everything I "do" today is self taught through trial and error. Not bad for a girl that was told at a young age not to dream big, I should lower my expectations. Oh if she could see me now hahaha. I might not be rich and famous but I'm succeeding gracefully!

Being the Editor-in-chief of ChopCult has been one of the hardest but best job to date. It's defiantly kept me on my toes and every social media outlet is growing. I'm a number junkie, and the numbers look AWESOME. Even site memberships are up, boom! 

I have many duties this position one being attaining content for the site. I'm also responsible for the layout, a process I actually love doing now. It wasn't my favorite part of the job in the beginning but now everything falls into place now. Here's my latest feature on the site:  Inside Voodoo Vintage.

Another duty is securing advertisers for the site, and this is how came to meet David Roy. He's the owner and operator of Voodoo Vintage. We hit it off right away, even before I secured Voodoo Vintage for advertising. 

"Ever meet a person and immediately know they'll be in your life forever? That was my experience when I met David Roy from Voodoo Vintage". ..........READ MORE
photo by Heath Braun

If you really want to see more photos of sunflowers and dogs, follow me on Instagram. That's where the parties at now people :-)

Be good, be well, be you!

Analog Run and Motorcycle Gathering

The Analog Run

There are many people in the industry that inspire me, and Caleb Owens is one of them.  He's currently organizing his second annual event, the Analog Run and Motorcycle Gathering. The best part of the event  is that it's digitally dark. Film cameras are more than welcomed. 

Do you think you can go a full weekend without your phone? I tried today, and it's not that easy, which is really sad.  I don't  use my phone  for games but I do spend over 10 hours on social media, cross promoting. Take a moment and think how often you stare at this screen versus what's in front of you? Well folks,  it's time to look up. 

Save the dates! Oct. 10-12 2014 Analog Run and Motorcycle Gathering. Lots of great things in the works. Best riding in California , camping, fishing. We take over The Union Hotel Oct 11. Bike show in the court yard 70's biker burlesque show!!! As always, we go digitally dark Oct 10-13. More details soon!! Give Caleb a follow on Instagram,, buy your film at and #enjoytheride!- Lisa

Go to for updates.