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In my life I always look to see who I can help or make a small difference in the world. I started with Cathy's Help by building a social media presence but felt a personal connection to Jeremy and Nicole. I am proud to say that we are now a non profit foundation and I hold the vice president seat. It is a title that I am proud to have and all of my work is donated. Please read Jeremy and Nicole's plight and help out if you can

I had the opportunity to meet Jeremy back in February, during Daytona Bike Week. I was coming out of the Limpnickie Lot trailer and notice a motorcycle that was far from ordinary. Right away, I could tell that this bike was a tribute bike and waited patiently to meet it’s owner. After hearing his story, I knew I had to help this man. 
Jeremy created the motorcycle in honor of his mother, Cathy, who lost her battle to breast cancer.  He would like to raise enough money to help women in need, with or with out insurance. Recently he helped a woman in need of ac, but couldn’t afford to get it fix due to lack of funds.  
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Founded by Jeremy Johnson of Muttin Cycles, Cathy's Help is a foundation that was started to help women battling breast cancer. He started this foundation after the loss of his mother to a long fight with breast cancer. While everyone is trying to help find a cure, Jeremy wants to help the women that are struggling today. The money raised through this foundation will go to help assist individual women in any way possible (groceries, bills, transportation, co-payments, etc.). Your generous donations will help in any area that we can service these women affected by breast cancer. The foundation is supported solely by donations from people he meets at motorcycle events and shows. Every dollar that comes in goes right back to where it belongs, to the women in need. 
I have created a site for him and continue to get the work out via the Cathy's Help blog
Jeremy and Cathy’s Help appreciate any help that you can offer. 

I am proud to be apart of this great foundation. If you could spare a few dollars, be donate here.
You can help by spreading the word through facebook, follow and share our pageCathy’s Help is reaching out to those in need. 

Thanks for your time,