Monday, August 3, 2009

Chop and Rod Show

flyerfinalWe headed over to Hensley's Bar and Grill in Carlsbad for the first Chops & Rods Show that was put on by Loser Machine Company and I think I just found my favorite bar to IMG_7310go to. Hensley's owner is Matt Hensley, the Pro skater, and the accordion player for Flogging Molly.The food was tasty and the brew was ice cold which was a perfect way to end the trip from the Inland Empire  heat. We even found our new path to Oceanside via the 76, a smooth ride with great views. The Chop and Rod show was put on in the parking lot of Hensley's and there was alot of cool shit to look at. It seemed as soon as one cool rod pulled out another beauty took the stage, it was awesome. There were alot of radical bikes there as well. The ones that caught my eye, were created by the ever -so- talented Kim Boyle, his own SR500 and his latest the Erwin SR500. Hopefully soon , Kim will allow us to get our hands on something. Thanks to Loser Machine for putting on a top notch show!


IMG_7198IMG_7202IMG_7212IMG_7216IMG_7209IMG_7211IMG_7225IMG_7259  IMG_7253 IMG_7268  IMG_7270 IMG_7271 IMG_7275  IMG_7226 IMG_7297 IMG_7290 IMG_7289 IMG_7304

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