Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am complete

IMG_9894 It is baffling to me that I can stand in the very shops that helped start the motorcycle revolution. I was at Dave Whittle’s, a Hall of Fame Pinstripper, drawing table and spent a few hours listening to him. His stories are amazing, some haunting ,some funny but they all can bring you back in time. One thing that I love is finding out the life lived to help me  understand his beliefs today. I have been featuring some of the guys that made Duane and his buddies fall in love with this lifestyle. Is that a funny sentence, bikers in love. But that is the question I keep asking these old timers, what make you a biker? They all say the same, be true to yourself, love your family and friends and earn the respect of the road. Is this a biker or a stand up person? My parents gave me the same advice growing up. I am now finding that living this lifestyle means, I have friends that I can count on at any given time and I have a great family, I must be living it to the fullest!

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