Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanks to Josh Brown

With doing this little bog of mine, I never really know when people read it if they like it or even get it. Well, this morning, after the worst night ever, Josh at Standard Cycles gave my blog a shout out on his. I have followers, my numbers are up but I always wonder if people understand why I do it. I use my blog to promote my “team” and give all of my friends back on the east coast a peek into the glorious life that you can get in California. You must surround yourself with people that matter, eliminate the stress and most of all, BREATHE! (Thanks Mike!)


  1. That's it. Tell all your east coast friends what it's like out here. Maybe someday they'll all move out here and use up all our precious water. Are you fucking nuts?

  2. Nah, west coasters don't get California... except maybe on a ride up the North Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur or at Yosemite. We love Key West and all the keys, and riding to all the BIG RALLIES that can only happen in Florida and Texas, Tennessee and upstate NY where there is land enough to spread out. Plus all the "Southern Bike Nights" in towns all over the South East region that draw 3,000 to 10,000 per bike night.