Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is around the corner


The hills are alive and the colors are awesome in California right now. Just wish my allergies would go away.

Kutty and I have the Hoedown about 90% completed and are getting anguished for the turn out. Be sure to stop by on April 17th

I just met with a possible new client yesterday for Shiny Side Marketing. I am pretty stoked as they are a great fit for us. Seems funny just a few years back I would of said just got a new customer that likes her decaf iced coffee with caramel syrup, two splendas and cream. How times have changed but even cooler that we can adapt and grow.

As for Duane, his latest venture, “Industrial Age by Duane Ballard” is moving forward. To see the idea pan out has been mind blowing to say the least. We have wanted to take the jump for a few years now and thanks to some great friends, it is possible. We should have all of the tools soon and I will be sending out the word to all of our resources.

Thanks for supporting us

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