Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter


I want to wish everybody a great Easter! I will be spending it with some of my closest friends and will be cooking up a storm. I have found that if I have a full home on the holidays it helps me ease the pain of missing my family back east.

So you are probably saying , what’s with the Ferndale Acres picture, well folks, this means happiness to me. Growing up, my Nana Keough used to rent a campsite there, I believe she was the longest renter , going for 30+ years. For Nana, life was enjoyable with a cup of coffee, the fresh air and a book. Every week she would round up the grandchildren and let us take turns going with her. The best part was that I found myself going a lot as my sister and brothers were into sports, which took their weekends away. Talk about getting the golden ticket!
Remember when riding in the back of a truck with no seat belts on was legal. Not to mention that the truck had a covered cab with windows, that leaked a little, so you felt a little dizzy by the time you got to the camp. I never knew why the fire always looked so cool on the first night…

I cherish my time at the camp and Nana taught me the importance of silence. Nothing makes me happier then having a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, my camera and the fresh air.

Thanks for the memories, I love and miss you!IMG_0806

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