Friday, April 2, 2010

When life gets you down………


………… sure to turn to your PEEPS.

Yes, I like cheap candy, Peeps have always been my choice for Easter. Lori on the other hand hates them. Mom likes to open the package and let them go stale, she calls them heaven at that point I call it murder. These sweet, sugary balls of happiness should be enjoyed by all.

For Valentines Day it is the sweethearts, even though they change the recipe this year before talking to me. Please call me asap.candyhearts

For Christmas, it is the chocolate covered cherries that have to cost .99* , no more , no less. Less chocolate is funky, more cherries are strange.ChocolateCoveredCherries

For that special day, Lisa Day which falls on Sept 6 or any other day, it has to be a Three Musketeer or a Milky Way, no Godiva for this lady. Hey people bring Duane Hondas and t-shirt galore, I figured I could throw out my wants and see if they get fulfilled.

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