Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kelly Buckstrup Rules

kel2This lovely lady on the cover is one of my best friends, Kelly Buckstrup, co-owner of About Time Tattoo shop in Nashua NH. I had the privilege to meet Kelly while her talented hubby, Kevin , worked on covering up a old tattoo on Duane. Kevin is the creator for 98% of Duane’s ink, which is absolutely amazing.


Kelly has opened up my eyes to the world. She is a amazing person that has a great heart and once you become friends with her, it is for a lifetime. I wanted desperately to be able to swing by and get a new tattoo while I was in NH but it didn’t work out. I will defiantly have to schedule a sitting when I head back home.. If you are looking for some new ink or a piercing, head over to About Time,


  1. Love you woman! Forgiving and moving on......
    You did it, you do it and well.

  2. ~ Hello Sunny Side Up! Here we are still moving on, forgiving is hard to do when it's stuck in you... not tryin' to rhyme, but I think of "that" talk we had right here & right over there, ya know after the game and I made you stand in "others" seats, you "lost" yer phone, we almost forgot this & that, we DIDN'T miss our train or two that night, haha... We were in the sniff out stage thru that game, then we sat and moved right along with ourselves, forgiveness is the greatest way. Dontcha think WOMAN? Anyhow, I need a big load from the LISA ZONE, yea I know yer shoulder to cry on is in the "other" coastal zone, but I fly and I'm gonna be 40 this year, WHAT!!??? I LOVE IT! love you, k.b.