Friday, June 25, 2010

Willey’s Rock

4714472450_8ee26cdce4_m No matter where we lived, I would always get a special package from my Aunt Mary , Mother or sister. Whoever made the trek to Salisbury Beach would supply the kids and I up with a sweet box of happiness. Yes folks i am talking about the wonders of salt water taffy. This is one of those candies that you either like it or hate it, my kids and I love it, Duane not so much.

4713833219_07114385cf_mGrowing up, we spent many summers at Salisbury Beach with our extended families. This was the place to go to then, now it just seems like a ghost town. The giant Ferris Wheel is gone, no more tilt- a -world and the merry- go -round is a distant memory. The beach seems smaller, isn’t that funny how something so big looks smaller when you get older. I guess we could blame that on the beach erosion. We enjoyed many days on the hot sand, playing with our kites and taking all day to get into that frigid water. Our nights we spent by the open grill, roasting marshmallows and laughing at old family stories. During our stay, we would all be able to get something for a treat. I never had to go any further than Willey’s4713833369_ba1372b40c_m

If you are ever in Salisbury Beach, please do yourself a favor and stop in at Willey’s. You deserve a sweet treat.

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  1. Man O' Man, Aidan would lose her MIND in that shop.