Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attention Long Beach Swap Meet friends


Duane and I are helping Nate and the boys back at his base with a care package. I have already talked to Tyler at Lowbrow ,he is hooking us up with some DVDs  and Marky from H/H has included three of their dvds as well. I will be sending over a case of Cycle Source with a few shirts and will also be adding some things from Duane. They love to watch movies and read in their spare time. We are not looking for new items, as cool as that would be, look around your house, got any old mags you want to part with? If you want to donate anything, please stop by Mike D's booth at the swap meet.

I would like to thank Biltwell , Loser Machine , Born Loser and Hippy Killer for helping him out already.

                               Together , we can make a difference.

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