Friday, July 30, 2010

Spreading the word

laconia rideI had the opportunity to meet Heather in Daytona at the Broken Spoke Saloon.We we were lucky enough to share a bitchin pad but never really got to use the house as we were both non stop from the beginning of the Daytona Bike Week to the end. Heather is in charge of many things at the Spoke and her hours were opposite of mine so we just had the night before we left to really get to know each other. She is a kind soul, that was born in Mass and lives in NH, so we connected really fast. I was sad to hear that she lost her dad recently but she is moving forward and helping out a great organization in her father’s memory. If you are in the area ,join the ride, or stop by and donate what you can. See you next week Heather!







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