Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home has a new meaning to me!

One week in Sturgis and I am now back home. It was a lot of fun but spent most of my days at the Broken Spoke Campground manning the Cycle Source/ Limpnickie Lot booth. I was also working for the BSS company getting images and passing out press passes.  As for blogging that was a feat by itself as the lovely wi-fi would decide when it was going to work.

I found myself thinking of home , my husband and family. In the motorcycle industry I feel secure knowing that I have Duane to lean on and he proved that to me over the last week. We were miles apart but he still had my back and made things right for me. We are going to be celebrating our 20 year anniversary next month and I wouldn’t change a thing. People seem to come and go in our lives for one reason or another but at the end of the day, we have each other. We are blessed to be doing this line of work, Duane is a leather crafter that was lucky enough to make some connections and it has paid off. He still works 15-18 hours a day doing what he loves.

If you follow my blog, I hope it is because you found a true friend. Over and over, I extend myself for the benefit of others, only to be forgotten when they move ahead. I now know I will not be a stepping stone for anyone to move forward, if you are my friend we will walk this path together.

Peace and love

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