Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Duo Tone Vintage Style Megaflake Helmets

IMG_1692Making my monthly trek around the Long Beach Swap Meet, I always stop to see if there is anything new with the vendors. I was drawn to the new Biltwell, Inc’s helmet display at Lowbrow Customs booth . Some woman love diamonds, my thing is a shiny new helmet with insane colors. Biltwell has stepped it up with their latest Duo Vintage Style Megaflake Helmets, which are now available in Sunset- personal favorite- and Galaxy-smoky and yet mystical.

My birthday is coming soon---just a thought--- :-)




Big thanks to Josh and Rebecca for killing it monthly for Lowbrow Customs!

Biltwell, Inc. Sunset Duo Tone Vintage Style Megaflake Helmet

This is the next generation of Biltwell helmets. It's the same lightweight and comfortable shell but with a few significant upgrades. The flake is much bigger and crisper, hence the "Megaflake" name. Vintage style chrome strip around the opening is pure class and only available on a Biltwell. The new liner now has detail stitching and contrasting ventilated panels in the top. The embossed goggle strap has a new shape and an improved snap. Helmets are non-DOT approved and meant for novelty purposes only.

Biltwell, Inc. Galaxy Duo Tone Vintage Style Megaflake Helmet


  1. So now we want to see the fashion statement.. which one did you choose? Or is one still on your wish list??

  2. I am loving the sunburst, you should see it in the sun,,,,,,amazing. Still waiting and hoping