Thursday, October 14, 2010



Ever dreamed of owning a custom bike? Over the years I have been lucky enough to build so many custom creations, that I never gave much thought to what life would be like without a beautiful two wheeled terror in my garage. Since we are launching the 2011 parts line, I thought it might be a good idea to get some ink generated about our little company. Instead of pursuing the traditional routes of self glorifying press releases, and expensive ad campaigns, we decided to hook some lucky individual up with a sick scoot! Sounded good at first, but how many times have you seen one of these raffle things, and thought “That would be nice, but I am not that lucky”. So we decided that instead of one winner, we would make it one hundred. We have printed 2500 high quality Spitfire Motorcycles portraits to take the place of that velvet Elvis painting in your game room. With every poster purchased, we will be giving away a free raffle ticket. Spitfire Motorcycles will be giving away the Ripper bike, as well as one of each of the items in our parts line. We will then round off the rest of the winners with a stylish Spitfire Motorcycles T shirt. Long story short, you have a one in twenty five chance of winning. Good luck!

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