Monday, November 8, 2010

He’s a good ol’ boy……….


………that I met in Sturgis this year. I knew there were big things planned for him, he just didn’t know it yet. I have been following his vacation through Facebook and was sadden to hear that Dan and his wife, Shelly , were involved in a motorcycle accident. They are both ok, bruised but not beaten. It really sucks when you hear that something bad happens to someone good. I created his blog and dialed him in. In turn, I am going to be getting my very own Gypsy Biker Bed Roll. Those who know me, know that this girl doesn’t sleep in the dirt, but sometimes, when Duane gets to get a break and leave, he will.

We are working on getting together a store front so you can buy your very own Gypsy Biker Bed Roll and so much more.

He is also a huge advocate for Chris Callen and Cycle Source Magazine, as well as a Limpnickie Lot supporter. We love Don Wood and you should as well.

What makes me the happiest is when you hand somebody the tools and they grab them and go! He is already blogging!

Ladies and gentleman, he is DON WOOD

peace and love~

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