Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost/ Stolen Camera


I am proud to say that Chris Callen is my friend. He bust his ass for the motorcycle industry and community. He has taken me under his wing and I am where I am today because of him. Most people know my background is in the restaurant field, Chris had different plans for me.

Right now he needs our help. While he was at the Lone Star Rally , speaking to a reader of Cycle Source, someone lifted or borrowed his camera/ bag.

If you follow this blog, please help me get the word out that we would like the camera back. If you live in Texas and know someone that all of a sudden has a bitchin camera set up, please let me know as well. It would be a D300, with lens and flash. Chris’s business card is in the bag. 

What this person doesn’t realize is he took something from a guy who does so much for so little.  We need this camera back, no questions asked, just please do me a favor, mail it back to him. 

The Cycle Source Magazine

c/o Chris Callen
118 Dellenbugh Rd.
Tarentum, PA 15084
PHONE: 724-226-2867


karma is a bitch

peace and love~

Lisa Ballard


  1. This is an absolute disgrace and I am disgusted by this. I hope that this is returned immediately if not sooner. I have been re-posting this and will continue. I have my fingers crossed that someone who sees their "pal" with his new camera takes care of this.


  2. We are hoping that someone found it and can't afford to send it back, They just need call 724-226-2867. they can also call me. We will pay for shipping. Thank you for your comment!