Thursday, November 4, 2010

You know when you a great circle of friends

scr2_flierI will not be able to make and cover the Slab City Riot  for Cycle Source due to schedule conflicts. But I have come to realize that I have a great circle of friends that have my back. Julie Graff is the lovely lady pictured below, we met in Sturgis, became Facebook buddies and hung out last weekend at the Long Beach Swap Meet. She is what I would call a “ Biker’s dream from heaven!” Her level of knowledge with motorcycle parts is jaw-dropping, I just know they are pretty to look at. Julie will be covering the event for a upcoming Cycle Source Issue. Julie’s blog captures her life on the road and the people she meets. I am stoked that our paths have crossed and am blessed to know this fine chariot!

Photo by Josh Kurpius

I knew I need some great shots and was hoping that Bill and McGoo weren’t using Cindy for their number one motorcycle website/forum, Chop Cult. They helped me out and I now have the famous blogger, Cindy Delong, capturing some of the chaos and debauchery that I know will be displayed though out the night.

Photo by Wes D.

Cindy’s blog is  Fashion Serial Killer,which is known for her take on fashion, the biker life style and anything random that makes her laugh. ( have to be honest here, some of it gives me the creeps, you know the kind, see a accident up ahead, should I look kinda of creeps………) She was a part of the first Slab City Riot and have been friends with McGoo for awhile now. I love to listen to them together, they are my  2010 version of Abbott and Costello, they are a quick witted and funny as hell team. We finally got to meet at the Ventura Nationals this year, where I got to personally thank her for giving Duane’s work props on her blog.

She also brought some fashion in my life by reminding me that there is still old vintage camera straps out there waiting for a girl like me to love.

Thanks for the help and remember, I got your back too!

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  1. yay thanks! sure wish you were going *sigh* Oh, and the creepy stuff comes from the heart he he (I think that's why me and mcgoo get along so well.. we're total CREEPS!) ;o)