Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would be able to go to Japan. With the kind help from Shige and the Mooneyes staff, our dreams became reality .

A lot of people know that Duane doesn’t like flying, it is not a fear issue more of a claustrophobic issue. So we hooked him up on some great meds  but I am proud to say that Duane only used one and it just gave him a headache.

I have to thank the staff of Ana Airlines. For some reason, they knew of Duane’s issue ( I think they had him on high alert) and they assigned him his own personal stewardess. What other airline would do this? She would inform Duane of the upcoming turbulence and catered us through out the whole flight.

The great outcome for this is now we are able to head to NH together and we will be able to make the V-Twin Expo. I am so proud of him.

I will be honest that I was quite overwhelmed with the whole experience. I have always been proud of Duane and his career . I never thought it his crazy bikes would gain the notoriety that they have.

We brought the Spectro Oil posters with Kutty and Duane on them and for numerous hours, people waited to meet Duane, had him sign the poster and had their picture taken with him. This was a whole new experience for us and we would like to thank everyone for stopping by and support us.

The pictures will be up soon as I have to pull some for the Cycle Source feature.

I would like you to support the following people if you can


Bitlwell Inc.

Spectro Oils

Limpnickie Lot

Ana Airlines

Cycle Source

Shiny Side Marketing

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