Friday, February 4, 2011

Something happening here…

IMG_7059 I have to tell you my latest jaw dropping experience with Cycle Source Magazine. I always look forward seeing that big brown truck dropping my ever growing supply of Cycle Source every month. Everyone knows that I get the first copy and head into the house to check it out. Looking at the cover, I start wondering what in the hell is this box on the cover? Well folks,that would be Chris’s newest step in our social media presence the QR Code.


I  just upgraded to the I Phone and love all of the free apps. Chris told me to download the QR Code reader and scanner app and let him know what I thought.

 IMG_7051When you are dealing with the word free, sometimes the apps leave you less than impressed. This one has just 2 1/2 stars so I figured it would give me a hard time……..

IMG_7056Scanned the code and waited just a few seconds and holy shit batman this popped up…….

                                             click the image


Are you kidding me? How in the hell? This my friends, is pretty bad ass!


All I can say is welcome to the family!

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