Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Going back to Arizona felt lke I was going home. I might use that word a lot but if I feel safe and loved then I consider it home to me. Duane spent his childhood in Phoenix and we lived there for a few years. It was great seeing my mother-in-law also, some of you might have that evil step mother but I have been blessed.  She is a great woman,  my friend and is a amazing artist as well………..

IMG_8509 Thanks for your friendship, love , laughter and showing Duane the world of leather crafting.



  1. so let me get this straight.... you were here and didn't even say hello? That was probably a smart move, I would have gotten you in trouble. I love the valley of the sun!

  2. We went to see a friend that was involved in a car accident. Wanted to see you and Bean're just didn't work out that way. We will cross paths soon