Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BREAKING NEWS – Cycle Source and The Limpnickie Lot join SRS

Cycle Source Magazine at the Sturgis RoadShow

The Limpnickie Lot will be joining the Sturgis RoadShow! Don’t know what the Limpnickie Lot is? Check out their website and read a little bit about what they’ve got going on:

The Limpnickie Lot is a collaboration of custom bike builders and American Parts manufacturers from the next generation of the American V-Twin industry. Comprised of small shops and individuals it is their mission to ban together to promote their unique blend of culture and style derived from many younger influences including Motocross, skateboarding, heavy music, BMX, and other aspects of the next generation. By making appearances at several national and regional rallies throughout the year the group intends to bring as much attention to both this movement and their products as is possible. Also at the top of their goals is to take the whole motorcycle culture a step back to a more basic time. With a large amount of respect for the history that it has, they hope that by focusing on the riding and adventure, self expression and freedoms that have always been inseparable from the culture that they may influence the direction of where it goes next.

This is all with the help of Cycle Source Magazine – which you should subscribe to today.

About Cycle Source: Starting in March of 1997, the Cycle Source began as a free publication that served an area of about a 100 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA. Over the next four or five years it would grow into a publication that filled a solid area in PA, WV, and Ohio. Still a free publication, the Cycle Source continued to hone its content and gather contributors as it served the Tri-State area. In March of 2005, the Cycle Source celebrated its 8th anniversary by announcing it… READ MORE

This is one of the newest and most exciting features of the next generation of the motorcycle industry – make sure to GET YOUR TICKETS!

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