Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Times, they are a changing

I have decided over the weekend that it was time for me to move on from Cycle Source and the Limpnickie Lot. I wasn’t going to say anything and just let it go away silently but people are starting rumors when they do not know the truth.This decision was about the hardest thing I  have done, close second would be selling my restaurant to move out here. When Duane and I chose to moved out here it was for his business. I couldn’t get a job so I started helping Chris and my new career flourished. Over the past year, I have taken on more and just needed to step away, plain and simple.

I totally appreciate EVERYTHING that Chris and Jean have given and taught me. I never thought I would be working for a national magazine in a million years. Over the past four years, with hard work and determination, I obtained a few titles for my resume; writer, photographer,West Coast and blog editor, marketing, sales and social media director. Funny thing is my last resume features line cook, kitchen manager, general and district manager, and owner. Total different roles but so similar. Everyone wants something, either featuring their bike or cooking a killer burger, my job is to make you happy. I know that I succeeded .

For the LOT, Duane was a member before we moved here. We were all friends and hopefully will remain so. If you want to assume or cast judgment, please take it somewhere else. We don’t want any negative light or ill feelings.

Thank you for your support and friendship


  1. Nothing but RESPECT for you both! Good luck in whatever it may be that you set out to do!

  2. Violentchoppers said it first and said it well