Sunday, September 4, 2011

TRI Co. Opening party

I love watching my friends move forward in their careers and succeed!!!
Duane, Mark and I headed down to LA for the opening of TRI CO. A collaboration of quality Made in the USA clothing from Dixie, Dice Magazine ( my true love) and impeccable jewelry from The Great Frog
Job well done!
If you are going to visit LA, be sure to stop by TRI CO on Hollywood BLVD.
IMG_5175IMG_5187IMG_5179 IMG_5231 Nice bag
IMG_5191IMG_5181 IMG_5248A gift from Shige and the Mooneyes crewIMG_5233IMG_5174 We had to bail early as meeting with a huge pothole on the way down rattled my back.
Thank you for the hospitality and friendship.
Wishing you much success !!!
(more photos to come)

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