Friday, October 28, 2011

Till we meet again


We met Yoshi and Yayo about a year after we moved to Lake Elsinore. Yoshi works for Vibes Magazine and was the west coast contact.

We were sadden to hear that they decided to move back to Japan. Before they left, they wanted to complete a two week vacation through out the US, visiting Sturgis and taking the kids to Disney World. I contacted some of my friends along the route and asked them to help Yoshi gain content to take back home with him. Everyone graciously open their shops and Yayo informed me that he has enough work for six months. That’s huge!!!! They can now focus on the children and help them adjust. Yayo also told me that highlight of Yoshi’s trip was going to the Harley Davidson Museum which Matt Olsen arranged for them.

Thanks to EVERYONE that helped us!

Duane and I would like to wish them the best of luck and hopefully one day soon, we will meet again.

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