Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wishing for a speedy recovery

I didn’t want to put these photos up till I knew Charlie and Jill were ok. I was out shooting the bikes and noticed the group coming in. I really liked Jill’s bike but had no clue who they were till they took their helmets off. I know both them from the industry but it was great to finally put the names to their smiling faces.

IMG_9528 IMG_9532 IMG_9535 IMG_9537 IMG_9539 IMG_9548 IMG_9551 IMG_9552 IMG_9559

As fast as they pulled in, they headed off to grab their buddy that was stuck at Slab City. About an hour passed when a border patrol officer informed us they went down. They needed help getting the bikes back to our location so we all got together and made it happen. Our main concern was for their well being.

The word is that Charlie had surgery today and Jill is stitched up, bruised and has began the healing process.

Get well soon.


  1. and Jack and Diane are cooking their asses off to keep them well fed! THANK GOD they are STILL our neighbors! Great shots Lisa.

  2. Glad they have friends surrounding them with love. Hope your ass is ok, I use my hands to cook...:-)