Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011

Thanks to everyone that supported Duane and I during 2011. Here’s a reflection on the past year.
May 2012 be everything you strive for and more

IMG_7400 IMG_7648 IMG_2392IMG_7653  IMG_7677 IMG_4851IMG_7150 IMG_2104 IMG_2199 IMG_2263 IMG_2350 IMG_2354 IMG_2395  IMG_8303IMG_4818 IMG_8765 IMG_8767 IMG_8788 IMG_8813 IMG_8806 IMG_1992 IMG_3517 IMG_3847 IMG_4023   IMG_4855 IMG_4910 IMG_5002 IMG_5063 IMG_5078 IMG_5122 IMG_5189 IMG_5672 IMG_5760 IMG_5918 IMG_8980 IMG_9011 IMG_9044 IMG_8745 IMG_2012 IMG_6274 IMG_6414 IMG_6451  IMG_6277 IMG_6280 IMG_6632 IMG_6636 IMG_9230 1  IMG_0421 IMG_1026IMG_0518 IMG_0657 IMG_1163 IMG_0615IMG_6225 IMG_6733  IMG_9277   IMG_9333

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