Monday, March 19, 2012

Da Plane

We visited the Pima Air & Space Museum during our three day trip to Phoenix. I spent the day shooting while the Three Stooges~ Duane, Darin and James~ sounded like Rainman,,,,,yeah yeah, this is a blah blah blah built in the blah blah blah by blah blah blah. Thank God for Diet Coke and the sun, just kidding, this place is very cool to visit but I can’t image being very busy during the summer.

IMG_5023  IMG_4783IMG_4718

IMG_4802I would get lost in shooting so I just looked for their legs..IMG_4599 Really Aunt Lisa, how many more pictures????IMG_4617IMG_5067IMG_4728IMG_4733IMG_4818IMG_5074 If you’re interested in the planes, check out Duane’s blog

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