Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Many try, only few succeed

IMG_9391I had a photo-shoot with a racing legend yesterday, the only and only Wink Eller. He’s a land speed record holder, who has accomplished 67 records with 14 still on the books. We received a very impressive shop tour and watched him work on his latest build for Bonneville, hoping to top 224 mph this year. This man has been chasing his racing dream since 17 and I don’t think he will ever stop. I studied him carefully as he worked on the bike, he always seemed to be in deep thought but once we started talking about Bonneville, his face would light up and his eyes would sparkle like a proud parent.  His life motto is “live life everyday because you never know if there will be a tomorrow.” He was born and raised in the hills of NC, you can tell that manners and values have a purpose with Wink and he cherishes his family and friends. It was very humbling to be in his presence.
I love meeting people like Wink and would like to thank him, Dee and the guys for allowing Duane and I to spend quality time with them.
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