Saturday, July 28, 2012

Debbie Fitch Photography

I have been a fan of Debbie Fitch's work for awhile. Most of you heard she had a terrible motorcycle accident a month ago and needs our help. She suffered a broken back in four places, a broken collar bone, ruptured spleen, sprained ankle, busted knee and a host of other scrapes, cuts and bruises so getting back won't be possible for many months. She's currently home and is going through the rehab stages. Debbie is the senior photographer for Lowside Magazine and makes her living as a freelance photographer

There are many ways you can donate to her cause.
Her friends at Lowside Magazine started a fund to help with the astronomical medical bills or you can buy a support shirt 

You can also purchase some of her work through her website. She has graciously offered followers of this blog a 10% discount, just use the code BALLARD when you check out

Debbie Fitch Photography: Buildings, Bridges & Sights &emdash;

Debbie Fitch Photography: Folks &emdash;
Debbie Fitch Photography: Wheels, Rails & Skate &emdash;
There is also a fundraiser taking place on August 5 at Sylvester's Saloon. If you are in the area, please show her some support
Get well my friend and see you soon!
Please share this information with your friends, together we can make a difference!

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