Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Born Free 4 DVD Review

I was thrilled when McGoo handed us a copy of the Born Free 4 DVD to check out. If you were lucky enough to experienced Born Free 4, the general census was " this is too overwhelming". Lowbrow Customs captured the essence of the whole event; shedding the focus between the builders, the ride-in bike show, vendors, and the crowd. Throughout the one hour video, Duane and I were pointing out our friends, their bikes, products and vendors we knew. I won't lie, seeing Gilby's bike get some air time didn't disappoint either. I freaked out we they focused on the seat and DB's fist was there for all to see. The seat design is actually one of Gilby's tattoos Duane and I appreciate the business and plug.

I really enjoyed the builders interviews as they were humble and modest. Most of the bikes resembled the builders to a tee. For instance, Matt Olsen's bike took you back to the early years of motorcycling, Dave's brought you to the 70's and Andy's made you think about the future. The bonus disk containing 100+ photos from Chop Cult and Street Chopper is stellar as well. You know me, I like the eye candy and there is plenty of it!

 I I am not paid spokesperson just a fan telling you forget about Black Friday, stay home and buy yourself this DVD
To Mike and Grant, job well done!
If you would like to check out my photos from the event, please click here

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