Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cool weather riding gear from Biltwell Inc.

(Borrowed photo from Biltwell's facebook page)

With the colder weather upon us, I thought I would share riding apparel. .First up is our good friends Bill, McGoo and Mike, known in the industry as Biltwell Inc. They all enjoy wrenching and riding, which comes across in their product line. Biltwell caters to the garage builder by creating top quality motorcycle parts that you can afford. The same goes for their apparel line, you can achieve warmth and comfort without looking like the Michelin Man. I have included some of my favorite products from their website.

It's a slim fit, nice thin material with features like the thumb cuff to keep the sleeves from sliding back while riding.

I won't lie, these are my favorite riding gloves. Thin but warm, velcro, black on black, thin palms and the snug fit make me happy.
"You can search haberdasheries and mega malls from Buffalo to Bass Lake and you won’t find more features, higher-quality construction, a better fit or more enduring style than our Prime Cut vest. Available in two styles and six sizes to fit practically every bikerider imaginable, every Biltwell Prime Cut is American made and packed with outlaw spirit, guaranteed." ( most people charge for the outlaw spirit, not Biltwell, branding at it's best!)
Another gem from their website "We know some pinheaded chopper freaks that wear a Biltwell beanie inside their open-face helmet to take up space between their balding melon and the inside of their lid. When you’re not riding the wild thunder, a beanie is a great way to tame your greasy wig in a stiff wind. If your coif is more middle manager than dirty hippy, a beanie will protect your side part nicely in harsh climes. I guess what we’re trying to say is this: no matter how you choose to look or where you choose to use it, everyone needs a beanie.
The Bubble Shield gives you the added protection from mother nature. If you prefer the wind on your face, try out their new Moto Goggles with changeable scratch-resistant anti-fog lens
Check out Biltwell's world and become a fan 

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