Monday, November 19, 2012

The Horse Magazine

I am thrilled to see Paul's bike receive the cover for the next issue. Like most small business owners, Paul is known to pull many 18-20 hour days. He takes pride in his work and it shows through his bikes and products. It's been a pleasure working with the Spitfire Motorcycle brand and I can't wait to see what he unveils for 2013.

This issue also contains my very first feature for the magazine. 
I chose to go with our friend's bike. Renato has been a huge help with Duane's builds and he can create anything out of nothing. He built this bike from the ground up, fabricating 85% of it himself. 
Be sure to grab a copy at your favorite coffee house or sign up for a sub here.
Big thanks to Hammer and Englishman for giving me a chance, Duane for penning the feature and Renato for being a great friend!

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