Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Editor For Chop Cult

 Bill and McGoo created Chop Cult, the largest, most comprehensive social network for motorcycle enthusiasts. I used the site on a regular basis to promote my clients and many events. Two weeks ago, the guys let Duane and I know they were in talks with someone about purchasing the site. We were thrilled for them as we have watched them bust their asses for the past three years. Here's my full circle moment...they stated " We gave them your name for the editor's position ". Well folks, if you are a follower of Chop Cult you already know, the site has been sold and I have a new job :-)  I will be responsible for the weekly features and the social media beginning February 1. The moderators have agreed to stay on and handle the tech talk.
I'll still be freelancing with the national magazines, as well promoting my clients and the Hippy Killer Hoedown and Just Kickers. For me , all are resume builders and I appreciate each and every opportunity.

I have started a Chop Cult  Instagram and have asked Debbie Fitch to contribute when she can. Most of the photos will be from my personal files. I am also gathering content so if you would like your bike or business covered let me know.
Take a minute, check out the site and give us a follow:

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