Thursday, July 11, 2013

A visit from Kirk Sharp ~ Just Kickers

I am lucky to cross paths with Kirk Sharp, he is the man behind Just Kickers. It's a motorcycle gathering not RALLY.

On Thursday, two days before Born Free 5, I seen through Instagram that he was broke down in Lake Elsinore. Mind you it was a frosty 105 outside in the shade. We offered up the house for some much needed AC. Kirk had made the trip from Texas with his buddies Jim, Susan, Sarah and Emily. These bad asses rode in some insane heat but only had a few small issues on the way.

Duane and I met Jim and Kirk for dinner, it was nice to finally spend some quality time with them. You see I help promote Just Kickers but haven't had the opportunity to go because to our busy schedule here. I hope I can sit by the fire in Kirk's neck of the woods one day soon!

Be sure to check out Kirk's blog for photos on his trip.

(Another happy thought for me is that Kirk is posting on his blog. When I first met him, blogging seemed foreign to him. Look at him go now, another Shiny Side Marketing graduate!)

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