Monday, August 12, 2013

Panic averted

This week was sure busy! I completed four photo shoots during the week, shot at Hell On Wheel on Saturday and then went to the Pomona Swapmeet on Sunday. We traveled with our local friends, Alex, Chris and Renato as they all have custom cars. I knew I could get some killer shots as there's little traffic at 4:00 am. I pulled out the Canon EOS 60D to start documenting the trip and it trigger action. I tried everything, took out the battery, blew on the SD card and just my luck, nothing. We hit Corona and I tried again only to get photos like this...........

The shutter was lagging and I was absolutely freaking out as my camera and computer are really important for my job. I'm basically screwed without them! Panic started to set in and for the next ten miles I contemplated asking Renato take me back home.

I talked myself into having a good time and dealing with the camera issues when we got home. I just sat back in Renato's custom 1929 Ford Model A and enjoyed the ride. We pulled into the swap and I started to tell the guys my issues, pointed the camera outwards, pressed the trigger button and heard the click. Joy to my ears as maybe something just got whacked out of place and it's gonna be ok.

Shot 1...... focus is crappy

2..... still not right

3 = Poop

5. Getting better but not really

6. I think everything is gonna be ok!

My camera was back to normal and the heart attack was adverted.

Here are some of the photos from the day 

Thanks for a great day and helping me get through a minor hiccup.

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