Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fort Worth Texas how I love thee

Just Kickers was postponed due to the inclement weather but my trip was still a go. This trip was like no other as there wasn't a itinerary to adhere to. Just enjoy life and take it all in, which I did justice. Sitting on a wrap around porch watching life go by wasn't half bad. Add a frosty beverage or 20 and life can't get any better. Jim and Gwen Harper, co owners of Chopper Supply Co., were my gracious hosts for the weekend. I'm very fortunate we crossed paths as they are great people!

Jim and I spent a couple of hours with Chop Cult contributor and personal friend, Jason Ochoa. He's working on completing his build for Born-Free. It's cool to seen Jason move forward in the industry and he's been the driving force to get CC in Texas. To say I appreciate him is an understatement.

Mason's whittling me a toothpick

Mason and I enjoyed the PAWNEE BILL'S WILD WEST SHOW.

more to come.....

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