Monday, September 28, 2009

I’m still fried…….

This weekend was like no other, two massive bike events, the Long Beach Swap Meet and a invite only Bike Art show. My head is still spinning, don’t know if it is from the sensory overload or a heat stroke. All I know is Duane has been down since Saturday night and I keep telling myself I can’t get sick. I have to get the Cycle Source blog dialed in for the whole week as we are heading to Las Vegas on Thursday at the crack of dawn to partake everything that Bikefest has to offer.It doesn’t seem like it is going to end but these are the things you have to do to keep ones company alive. If you are heading to the Bikefest, stop by booth 1025. I will have free Cycle Source magazines to give away(help a sister out and sign up), as well as Biltwell Inc., Hippy Killer and Duane Ballard Custom Leather. It should be a great time!

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