Monday, October 5, 2009

Best Sign in Vegas


Moving to California, I had to give up a very important habit in my life. I had a local Dunkin Donuts store on Amherst Street, that was so well trained that they would have my order ready when I pulled up. That is the kind of treatment my customers were use to daily at Lucy’s Corner and it was cool to experience it for myself. Well for some strange reason there is no Dunkin Doughnuts here in Cali so I was acting like I hit the big one when I seen the sign of life before me. Every day before the event, I would cross Fremont Street ignoring the slots and hooked myself up to the sweet taste of home.

dd1 We decided to head home after the show instead of staying the extra night. I ran up and packed so fast so I could run to dd for my last official iced coffee made to perfection (vanilla, two splenda and cream iced coffee).I had to include a tasty Boston cream for the road. A pure pleasure in the land of sin.

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