Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don’t forget, May 8th

stampouthungerlogo Along with your outgoing bills, please remember to add some non perishable can goods to your mail box. Saturday, May 8th, is Stamp Out Hunger Day and it would be awesome if we could all lend a hand to help support our letter carriers.

On a personal note: It baffles me on how some  keep giving help and support to international organizations when our country is hungry, unemployed and homeless. We should try to make a difference here before we start helping other countries. It is easy to do, just needs to be accomplished.

I am asking every follower of this blog to step up and buy ten dollars worth of non perishable food. If you can’t afford ten ,go five, most stores are running a 2/1.00 sale on canned goods.

Send in a photo and I will put it up here.

Together we can make a difference!

Also if you become a fan of Stamp Out Hunger on Facebook, Campbell's will donate one can of soup to the cause for every person that joins. Come on and hit that button ,

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