Saturday, August 21, 2010

So proud of you Michael!

Photos by Joe Hill
I have been working with Michael Barragan, Evilspirit Engineering, for more than two years now. When we met at the Easyrider Show, he was looking for pr help and I was looking for clients, a match made in heaven. He is a talented soul that has had to take the long road back to good health. When René called me to let me know Michael was involved in a motorcycle accident , I was devastated. Michael was on a great run with-in the motorcycle industry, press releases were getting results and parts were moving. Getting picked for the Artistry In Iron was huge honor for Michael and I was so happy for him.
Michael was t-boned last year on his motorcycle while getting it ready for the Artistry in Iron show in LV. He was in ICU, in a coma and had many broken bones. All I could think about was his wife and children and praying that he would wake up and be ok. My life changed the day he woke up and asked his dad to get a hold of me so he could move forward and get his bike to LV. Michael's dad, Ed, became his voice through out the show as Michael stayed home to heal. Big thanks to  Pam, A.I.I. head organizer, who allowed the wrecked bike to take part in the show but it wasn’t allowed to win any votes. He did win a trophy for another build that they brought up but seeing the wrecked bike was haunting to say the least. _MG_4566 copyPhoto by Wes D.
It has been a long battle for Michael and he is still working on getting back to 100%. His leg is still not healing correctly but that hasn’t slowed him down. You can find him in the shop, sitting in his wheelchair, creating new builds. I am so proud to see Michael moving forward and he will be at this year’s Artistry In Iron. If you happen to be at the show, stop by and meet one of my best friends. If you can’t make it, take a look at his store, I am sure there is something that you need
This great video was created by Sam Lozoya
Peace and love-

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