Sunday, August 22, 2010

Join us once and you will understand the value of the footprint


Logo created by Jason Craze

I have helped Chris Callen incorporate the Limpnickie Lot Gives Back Program for the Limpnickie Lot. The concept is easy, at every rally that the Lot goes to, we leave a impression- footprint- with an organization of our choice. In Daytona is was a food drive and in Sturgis , it was spending some quality time with children on a reservation. It doesn’t have to bring in high dollars,( that would be nice) just giving back means more to the community, knowing that the next generation cares enough to reach out.

The biggest reward that I have witness is everyone that takes part of our events, goes home with a open heart. We all know the rallies can be draining, so this is a way to step away from the scene and get back down to basics. The word awesome gets thrown around a lot. We all need a break once and awhile, why not during a rally?

We all can leave our own footprint, mine is left weekly at our neighborhood recycling center. I collect all of our plastic and take it to the Earth Wize Center. I have asked the workers if they could hold my bags for a family or person that they would know needs the extra money. I am not supporting the local homeless drunk but if he needs a meal, maybe my bags can help him out for the day.  It is not much, but if more people start doing something small with-in their community, the world would be a better place. I know many will said BS but in my heart , I know we can make a difference.

I would like to thank the Limpnickie Lot crew for accepting this challenge and seeing it thru.


  1. wait till Vans catches this and sue's everyone one envolved with the logo.

    just FYI that foot print is copywriten.

    someone might want to do there homework?

    Just saying

  2. It looks like the bottom of a vans shoe but isn't. Thanks for looking out