Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joe Jost’s


After a day of swapping old dirty, I mean vintage- parts for Mike D, I was treated to a great lunch. Joe Jost’s does it my way, simple and easy.There is not a elaborate menu here just the basics. Salami with cheese and mustard on rye, add in the chips and the small beer and I am good to go. I love the decor of this place, reminds me of the east coast and I often think of my Grandfather when I am here. Don’t get me wrong, he never took us to the bars but I see the guys with their friends at the bar, talking sports, I now feel 7 again. Grampy liked his sports, peanuts and a few beers while watching any Boston team battle for a victory.  So my first sip always goes out to Grampy.

Spending the day with Michael is getting to be on the Shiny Side of life. Thanks for being a great friend- even if you eat those smelly eggs-


peace and love~

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  1. Great place! Becoming some what of a post swap tradition!