Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today is a good day

 limpnickie2011 The Limpnickie Lot Footprint was created to have a personal effect on many; the “rally”communities and the motorcycle industry. Basically,everyone wins.  The funds raised on the Limpnickie Lot during Daytona Bike Week, The Big Mountain Run and Sturgis last year fed and clothed the local children, the NEXT GENERATION. In each town that we set up in, we  partnered with local charities, of which 100% of the donations went to them, we took nothing.

If you donated to the food drive in Daytona, you fed  84 families of four days and had fun with Athena and the children from the Boys and Girls Club of Volusia County .The funds raised @ the BMR contributed  to the local volunteer fire dept. In Sturgis, you played baseball with the children on the Pine Ridge Reservation, showed them motorcycles can be fun and that there is a future waiting for them within the industry. When you took part in any of the Cycle Source Magazine/ Limpnickie Lot Footprint events last year, you received a gift as well. You got to step away from the booth and rally, ride your motorcycle and inspired people along the way .

I just received the final approval from Second Harvest that the LOT Food Drive will be happening during Daytona Bike Week again this year.- details soon. I also received a call from my buddy Bean’re today, he had a awesome idea for the Footprint and we are getting ready to launch something very cool for Sturgis that will benefit the kids again! -details soon.

I have also crossed paths with Melissa and she has great things in the works that would benefit the people in POLK County, where the BMR takes place.Our focus needs to come back home and take care of our own.

A good idea can only grow when you have great people that donate their time to make it possible. All links will be created once all sites are up to date. My experience is creating social media, I leave the website building process to the masters. We have someone on each development as we speak that have donated their time.

I would like to thank you for making last year possible and look forward to this year’s progress

Thanks for your time and have a great weekend,

peace and love,


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