Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A moment of your time

I have received a few emails asking me why I don't just focus on the motorcycle industry on my blog. Why do I make it personal? My intentions for this blog was to talk about my life, events we hit, people I promote, friends and family that I love. I never stated at any given time that this was just about the industry. The Shiny Side is just where I like to be in life. That dark place scares that crap out of me.

I am honored that people follow my blog! I came into this industry asking folks to give my talented husband a try. I made a lot of friends that have my back, as I have theirs and you will see them here from time to time. I am very honored to promote my clients through Shiny Side Marketing and have great friends in the media world that help me attain the light that they need to sell their product. I try not to self-promote and gone to a ten step program that helped me stop showing sunflowers. You should of seen those emails, ha.

There must of been something that you liked that made you want to follow me? I am sorry if I let you down, was never my intention. My only intention for my blog was to be as real here as I am in person. If you feel that you are here for the wrong reason, please hit unfollow. I will be sad to see you go.

I have something on the horizon that I am so excited about! It is not motorcycle related at all but will fill your belly. That's right, before motorcycles I had a life in a kitchen. So please understand that you are following a cook that got a new job that she loves.

Thank for your time

peace and love

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  1. There's more to life than motorcycles and it's obvious you see that. I enjoy your blog and support you keeping in real. Stay true to your hart after all it's only a blog. Thanks for giving us a moment of YOUR time.