Sunday, July 1, 2012

Born Free

What a great event! 

We arrived early to finish setting up the booth and I spent time shooting the Builders bikes. The booth was non stop from opening to close so Duane and I couldn't get out to explore. Big thanks to Maria, Kailyn and Steve for helping me capture the rest of the day, love you! 
I am grateful for the support that we received yesterday. It's very humbling to hear the accolades for my husband's work and talent. We had many leather crafters come to the booth to meet Duane. To be honest, this whole journey is very surreal , I never thought he would go this far with a set of tools and a hammer. 
Mike and Grant, job well done and we hope there's a Born Free 5. The motorcycle scene needs this event to keep going.

Congratulations to Matt Olsen for winning the trip to Japan. 
Congratulations to Caleb for the Best of Show win. I think I called this at 7 am :-)

I'll be editing my photos for an upcoming feature but will be sharing some here and on Duane's blog. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our facebook page

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