Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Started off early to beat the crowd and rising heat. By 11:00, the place was packed and it was hotter than hell. 

 Mom, remember these????

Looks like my grandmother's kitchen

Found many helmets through out the market.

Ding Dongs were our Ring Dings growing up.

Love this set

remember these glasses, maybe at Nana's campsite?

What color do you need?

Seen a bike or two

Mickey, spin that shit!

Come on Get Happy

Biggest turn off was the camera crews following around some guys trying to the next picker. There was only one American Picker seen that day and Danielle Colby looked lovely. 
Big thanks to Cindy and Duane for the great day!
I will post the rest of the photos on Facebook 

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