Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One good deed goes a long way

A few weeks ago I ask my friends and Chop Cult followers to help out Hugh Owens, who dealt with his shop being destroyed by a flood. We have never met face to face but have known each other for numerous years. I helped him get his products in CS when I worked there and we have talked through Facebook from time to time. He always seemed like a true gentleman, not really in it for the glory and fame, just trying to provide for his family. When I heard of the flood, I reached out to him to see if I could help in any way. He was humbled to say the least but I knew if we set up a Go Fund Me account, we could raise a few hundreds dollars to help him out along the way. Well folks, you donated and raised over five thousand dollars, which provided assistance to Hugh's and his employees families during this ordeal.WELL DONE!

I didn't do this small action for the light to be on me, I did it to help others. This industry is inundated with the "look at me vs. look at them." When you hear someone is down on their luck, not because of human error, because fate has dealt them a shitty hand, we should pull together and help.

Keep it simple and count your blessings along the way. Hugh is a perfect example of this as he shut down the Go Fund Me account as soon as he got back on his feet. He also paid it forward to a fellow rider that was down on his luck. This proves that one good deed can create a movement for helping others.

You can see the whole build here

To all that donated , thank you and know that your kind donation helped not one but many!
Have a great day!

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