Friday, November 22, 2013

The time is now

Picture borrowed from here
Victory slips through hands at tug of war world championships

My life has a constant presence of tug of war. I helped many folks with marketing and branding but lately my role has diminished due to the easy app known as Instagram. I never went to school for marketing, it just was an extension of helping my friends brands grow. Everything I learned along the way was through trial and error yet I never accepted no for an answer. Yet my kindness has be ill perceived as weakness lately, case in point my last email from a third party looking for help: Lisa I have a idea for an event and need your help. I don't have money as I live on a strict budget but I heard through the grapevine you work for free..WTF Who in their right mind thinks that I can and will work for free? I am compensated for my time with Hippy Killer Hoedown, David Mann Chopperfest and Just Kickers and will continue to work with them until the time comes that they can promote their events on their own. So from today on, I will not be "handling" other folks blogs or social media just the events stated above. I need to concentrate on Chop Cult, my husband, my family but more importantly myself. I always put others first and the time has come to take care of myself. 

I appreciate you following this blog and I will continue to share what I see, who I love, where I've been and where I'm going. Thanks for the support!

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