Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Trip to Salvation Mountain

A plaque embedded in the mountain

There are many people in the world that intrigue me and Leonard Knight was one of them. He devoted his life building Salvation Mountain, which he created from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint and spreading the good word. There are many versus from the Bible etched in the walls and the ever present motto" God Is Love". One would think he had a hidden agenda but that was far from the truth, he was just a missionary who believed.

Duane and Wayne first visited Salvation Mountain when they went to the Slab City Riot a few years ago. Wayne came home and stated " Mom, you have to go there, it will blow your mind". My son stands correct as I could of spent hours there. I would of love to meet Leonard but sadly he passed two weeks before we made the trek. I'm a firm believer and know Leonard is in Heaven, painting and happy once again. Rest In Peace and thank you for your devotion and creation.

I hope the bureaucrats stay away and leave the Mountain as it sits now. Let the people continue to find solace and continue to walk on the yellow brick road for peace. Thanks for enlightening me Mr. Knight.

If this post interest you, you can read more about Leonard here

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